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Anthurium Dorayaki

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The plants shown are a 4" pot size. Acclimated starting May 2021 from Indonesia. Held in 60% humidity and 20C-25C.

The Anthurium Dorayaki is one of the most stunning Anthuriums I've ever had the pleasure of hosting. The deep green base is outshined greatly by it's broad and vibrant silver veins. The leaves are more rounded than the average anthurium, making it the cutest, but most extra of the family.


Light: Medium to bright indirect light. Leaves will burn if under direct sunlight.

Water: Prefers soil to be slightly moist at all times, but is prone to root rot if left sitting in water. Ensure good drainage.

Temperature/Humidity: Native to Mexico, this baby prefers a temperature range of 20C to 27C, and is intolerant of temperatures lower than 13C. Requires humidity levels of 50% or higher, but prefers humidity levels of 60%-75%. These two currently enjoy an environment of 60% humidity, and a temperature ranging from 20C-25C

Soil/Potting: A loose, chunky and aerated soil is a must for your Anthurium. We suggest a mix of 1/3 coco coir or peat moss, 1/3 orchid mix (fine to medium) and 1/3 perlite.

Care Tips: Fertilize every 4-6 weeks in the growing season.

*Anthuriums are mildly toxic if ingested, mostly for pets. The stalk contains calcium oxalate crystals, which can be very irritating if ingested. The sap can also be an irritant, wash your hands well if you get some on you to avoid itchiness*