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Anthurium Pedatoradiatum (Anthurium Fingers) *Acclimated*

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The Anthurium Pedatoradiatum may not be the first Anthurium to come to mind when you think of the exotic family, but this beauty differs in very unique ways. A member of the Araceae family, the pedatoradiatum species of plant differs slightly from its Anthurium members. This is because most Anthuriums are hemiepiphytic. The Anthurium pedatoradiatum is, in fact, classed as a terrestrial.

This plant is found in the south of Mexico, and is starting to make a name for itself among houseplant enthusiasts. The Anthurium Fingers affectionately received it's name for it's finger-like leaves, that fan out to resemble a ghostly hand. With the right home environment, your Anthurium may offer as many as 13 fingers per "hand"!


Light: The An. Pedatoradiatum isn't too fussy about the amount of bright, direct light it gets. I've found she's been perfectly happy kept in a diffused light area. 

Water: Do not allow to dry completely. Water when top 2 inches of soil is dry. Do not let sit in excess water, she's prone to root rot!

Temperature/Humidity: Anthurium Fingers are relatively versatile in it's temperature ranges, but remember she is native to Mexico. The An. Pedatoradiatum is flexible based on your surroundings if given a little time to warm up, or cool down respectively. I keep mine around 20°C. Avoid drastic temperature changes and cold draughts. Prefers 40%-65% humidity.

Soil/Potting: The Anthurium Pedatoradiatum will thrive in a soil that is well draining, but higher in peat. Peat mixes work harder to reduce soil compaction, prolonging the health and nutrient balance of your soil for as long as possible. 

Care Tips: The pedatoradiatum, along with many anthurium types, can tolerate a bit of root-bound and will not appreciate being moved to an overly large pot too soon.

*Anthuriums are mildly toxic if ingested, mostly for pets. The stalk contains calcium oxalate crystals, which can be very irritating if ingested. The sap can also be an irritant, wash your hands well if you get some on you to avoid itchiness*