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Maranta Kim (Leuconeura var. Kerchoviana)

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All photos are an indication of the plant species and size reference only. All plants will have slight variations in coloring and condition. Decorative pot not included. Plants will be shipped in sphagnum moss or perlite.

The classic prayer plant already had our heart, but then we met her splashing albo sister and fell even harder. The Maranta Leuconeura variegated Kerchoviana or Maranta 'Kim' offers the same low-maintenance care of our beloved prayer plant, but with the striking splashes, speckles, and notches of white we all find ourselves drawn to. The best part about this conversation starter, is that she's nowhere near the price tag of some of the other Albos we hate to love, but can't keep ourselves away from. 


Light: Moderate, indirect light, to partial shade. If exposed to direct sun, you'll notice sunburn spots and yellowing of the variegation. 

Water: Water when top 2" of soil is dry, allowing her to dry slightly between waterings. 

Temperature/Humidity: Average household temperature is comfortable, avoid cold draughts. Keep humidity up to avoid pest issues and keep the leaves happy and flat. 

Soil/Potting: Most nutrient rich indoor soil mixes will do, but be mindful of the drainage. Marantas require good airflow, which means well draining soil. We suggest  1 part perlite or coarse sand; 1 part garden soil; 1 part peat moss or coconut coir with a handful of pumice to increase drainage.