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Monstera Thai Constellation (Domestic, Stable)

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Plants shown are 6"-8". 

Who among us can deny the beauty of a variegated Monstera? Most of us have had our eye on a showstopper piece such as this, but have concerns as to whether we can manage it long enough to justify the price, but I'm here to put your mind at ease. Unlike the Variegated Deliciosa Borsigiana, the Thai Constellation is stable. This beautifully engineered variegated Monstera is grown from tissue culture and emerged from Thailand, however this batch of Thais are domestic, saving you the worry of the acclimation process. However, it's important to remember the Thai will require different care than your average Monstera Deliciosa, so continue reading to protect your new addition!


Light: Choose a spot with plenty of light, but don't place in direct sunlight. The albo spots on the foliage is especially prone to sunburn, but the growth of the plant requires bright, indirect sun to grow. If the plant receives less light than required, the growth will slow significantly. The creamy sections of the leaves lack chlorophyll, and cannot absorb sunlight, so the plant has to struggle twice as hard for photosynthesis. Filter your bright light through some sheer curtains or textured glass.

Water: The Thai Constellation is less drought tolerant compared to other varieties of Monstera, but be mindful as root rot is a common issue. Water when the top 2" of soil is dry, but try to aerate your soil and check the moisture level before watering. Soil mix is key to help the roots drinking, but not drowning. Filtered or rainwater is recommended, but in a pinch dechlorinating your water will make a big difference. 

Temperature/Humidity: Your Thai Constellation will thank you to keep it's environment humid and warm for best results. She is not frost hardy, and will not enjoy forced air, warm or cold. The perfect temperature is 18-21C, and humidity 60% or above is ideal.

Soil/Potting: She loves a moist soil with high organic matter and nutrients. We prefer a peat-based soil mix with natural bark and perlite to aid in draining, as the Thai is very prone to root rot. It's important to keep in mind this plant prefers a soil pH of 5-7.5.

Care Tips: Monstera Thai Constellation is a slow-growing plant, but you can use an organic house plant fertilizer in the summer and spring season. A balanced fertilizer is necessary to provide the plant with all nutrients for the leaves to grow and to keep the plant stable. 

*Monstera is toxic if ingested in large quantities. Symptoms may include burning of the mouth, tongue and throat, nausea, vomiting, difficulty swallowing, drooling and diarrhea. Contact with cell sap may cause skin irritation. Do not ingest.*