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N'Joy Pothos

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N’Joy Pothos, or Pothos N’ Joy, is one of many beautiful pothos varieties (Epipremnum pinnatum), and one of my personal favourites. The N'Joy is a product of a breeding program, cultivated for "brighter variegation of the leaves and improved plant forms." The N'Joy is characterized by very compact growth, bright, distinctive green and white variegation. 


Light: Pothos prefer bright to medium, indirect light. Leaves can burn if exposed to too much direct sun. Pothos can thrive and survive in bright or low light environment. 

Water: This is a "less is more" kind of a plant when it comes to watering in my experience. Most care sheets and sites will direct you to give them a drink when the top inch or two of soil is dry, but pothos are surprisingly forgiving if underwatered. Pothos are prone to root rot, which they have a much harder time bouncing back from. We suggest moderate neglect for our pothos pals.

Temperature/Humidity: Pothos are pretty flexible when it comes to temperature, as long as you don't have it sitting on your porch on a cold autumn evening, she's probably alright. Your pothos will however offer you larger leaves and more compact growth if provided a warmer, more humid environment.

Soil/Potting: You can get away with most generic indoor plant potting mix, but I would always suggest a handful or two of perlite to help with drainage. Pothos love to be root bound, don't be too quick to upgrade the pot size. 

Care Tips: For your variegated pothos, experiment with different light conditions. Variegated plants lose their variegation in low light.