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Sansevieria Masoniana (Whale Fin) Single Mature Paddle/ Set of Juvenile Twins

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Available are two sizes, a single mature paddle (13"-17") and a set of juvenile "twins" (5"-9"). We have locally grown Whale Fin Sansevieria in stock! Known for being the king of Sansevierias with its gigantic leaves, this is a showstopper in any plant lover's collection. Sometimes called Mason’s Congo Sansevieria, this snake plant is just as easy to care for as your others. 


Light: Although Sansevieria will tolerate low light conditions, this is certainly not their preference for best results. The Masoniana will grow happily for you with a deal of direct sun. You can essentially place your Sansevieria anywhere you'd like, but the plant will slowly decline over time if shoved in a dark corner of your home.

Water: Sansevieria are prone to root rot, so you'll definitely want your soil to dry completely between waterings. It's always good practice to give each plant a good soak when it's watering time, and the Masoniana is no exception to this rule. Even water distribution is always necessary for a healthy root system. Do not let sit in excess water. 

Temperature/Humidity: Sansevieria is comfortable in average household humidity. No humidity supports necessary.

Soil/Potting: Your Whale Fin likes soil to grow in soil that dries out fairly quickly in between watering. Sansevieria masoniana likes a sharply draining soil mix. For all my Sansevierias, I use about 2 parts of a good succulent/cactus potting mix and add 1 part pumice or perlite. As far as pots go, you can really use any type of pot as long as there is a drainage hole! I prefer terra cotta pots for Sansevieria because they dry out more quickly.

Care Tips: These plants are light feeders, but I still fertilize throughout the growing season with Schultz Cactus fertilizer.