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String of Hearts

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String of Hearts, also known as Ceropegia woodii, is a gorgeous trailing succulent to add to any living space. While to some they might be difficult to care for, once you get the hang of it, String of Hearts Succulent is one of the most tolerant houseplants.

Light: String of Hearts plants like heat and bright light but they don’t tolerate direct sunlight. They can be placed indoor in South or West facing window with a lot of light. One of the easier ways to see if they get sufficient light is to see the colour of the leaf and the gaps between leaves: String of Hearts leaves will be wider apart and lighter in colour with less marbling if the plant needs more light.

Water: Allow for a full soak once the soil is 70-80% dry. Do not overwater. Drought resistant

Soil: well-draining succulent mix

Safe for pets/people

Looking for care tips?

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