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Scindapsus Treubii Moonlight

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Scindapsus treubii fit into the aroid category much like Philodendrons and Syngoniums, and luckily for you even though they are rare they’re easy to care for and a hardy plant that doesn’t need much attention to thrive. It charms with its dense, thick, and sturdy leaves that are silvery-green in color (or black if you go for a dark form Scindapsus treubii).


Scindapsus Treubii like bright indirect light which makes it a perfect candidate for an east-facing window or further away from a south-facing window. 

Allow your Treubii's soil to dry completely before watering. When your little moonlight gets thirsty it will let you know by curling its leaves down and inwards, but try your best not to let her get to this point as it's a great time of stress for the plant. 

The best temperature range for this plant is between 65-75˚F (18-24˚C). It will thrive in a warmer environment as well but don’t overbake them either, they like their shade and can wilt if they get too hot. Scindapsus Treubii appreciates a higher humidity but will do just fine if you can’t keep up with regular misting and humidifying.