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Silver Splash Scindapsus

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Scindapsus Pictus "Silver Splash" (or Silver Satin, depending on who you ask) is a vigorous vining plant whose light green foliage is speckled with silvery, reflective variegation. The heart-shaped leaves are velvety to the touch and quite matte in texture, which is perhaps why the plant is also known by the common names Philodendron Silver and Satin Pothos (though botanically it is neither Philodendron nor Pothos). This large-leafed cultivar of Scindapsus Pictus Splash shows unique flecked variegation, a real shimmery sister in the Scindapsus family. Eventually, its vines grow quite long, making Scinapsus pictus a great choice for hanging planters. 


Silver Splash is adored among plant collectors for its beauty, and for its quick growing, low maintenance lifestyle. Scindapsus Pictus can tolerate low indirect light, but will thrive in medium to bright indirect light.

Take a break and let this beauty dry out between watering, which we prefer to do once every week in the growing season, and once every two weeks in the winter. The worst thing you can do for this plant is over water it, so always make sure to home in a pot with drainage holes, in a well draining soil mix.

Scindapsus will tolerate most humidity levels, but prefer moderate humidity to keep the leaves from curling. 

*Scindapsus Pictus are Toxic to Cats and Dogs*