The "String Theory" For Plant People

The "String Theory" For Plant People

You're pulling on my heart strings

I LOVE 'string of' plants!! There's just something about cute little different shaped leaves connected together down a vine. One day I would like to own one of "everystring" ;) Right now I have string of hearts, string of dolphins, and string of pearls. My goal string that I am hoping to find next, is a string of TURTLES! When I backpacked along the Pacific coast of Mexico a few years ago I stayed at a beach resort in a town called Nuevo Vallarta. We decided to just stay close and wander the beaches for the day. Well, to my surprise we stumbled upon a nest of baby sea turtle eggs hatching and we got to hang out with them and then help them out into the ocean! So I think that having a string of turtles plant in my collection would be awesome because it would give me a little bit of vacation nostalgia everytime i look at it.

It's getting hot in here so hot so check on all your strings  I am getting so hot I wanna spray my strings off!

"String of" plants don't like to be in super humid conditions as it can cause the soil to retain too much moisture and they could rot. They do well in normal humidity levels so they don't need to be spritzed or close to a humidifier, they will do just fine soaking up whatever leftover humidity is left behind by your other tropical plants. My strings are one of the only plants that I don’t spray or put close to a humidifier. They grow tubers that in the plant world we call "potatoes" which look like bulbs and can help the plant hold water. If your strings do have potatoes attached under the dirt to the root system, they will need to be watered less.

No strings attached

If you find you're having troubles with your string-of plants and they are starting to brown from the soil up the stem, and it seems like the strings are no longer attached, you may have a case of root rot. A common problem that a lot of people have with string-of plants. This will happen if you over water and leaves end up either shriveling up and dieing, or they start to turn brown from the roots up to the tips, or the tip down. These are all things that you should watch for on your plant. If you catch it early enough, you can repropogate the healthy parts of the plant and you’ll be able to save it easily.

She’s not as thirsty as you think

These types of plants are similar to succulents when it comes to a watering schedule. They only want to be watered when the soil has dried out, so make sure to feel the soil before you water to ensure that it has already dried, as sometimes it can look like it has dried out but might not be ready yet. Water strings-of when the top 1-2 inches of the soil has dried out so they don't start to get water logged. One of the first signs of overwatering in string of pearls is your pearls will become translucent. The more see through they become, the easier it is to tell if they have been over-watered. The next step is shriveling and browning. Once you get yourself onto a schedule your strings will be thriving.

I can see clearly now, the rain has gone

Your strings will need bright/indirect light for 6-8 hours out of the day. I have most of mine in my south facing window, and my large string of dolphins hangs in my north facing window. You don't want them to get too bright or too hot of light or they can start to burn, dolphins and pearls can be sensitive to too bright of light. If they aren't getting enough light you will also notice some changes that the plant will start to make to make up for the lack of lighting. they can start to reach, and or become deformed if they do not have enough lighting, for instance if a string of dolphins isnt getting enough light, it will look more like strings of sting rays because they will become rounded to try to soak up more sunlight.

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