What to expect when you order plant mail

What to expect when you order plant mail

Hello, it's mail.

I was traveling in boxes and sometimes like a snail

Aloe from the mountainside

I've ordered plants a thousand times

From cactus to hoyas and even anthuriums

But sometimes with shipping they need extra love

 The light at the end of the travel

When you order plants online there is always a chance that your plant isn't going to make it to you in the same shape that it left the building. There can be alot of factors that come in to play here but the main goal at the end of the day is to pamper your new baby so that it can bounce back within a few days and show you some love. Sometimes they will come bare root wrapped in moss and the roots will look dry or the leaves will look limp, but with some love they will come back it's all normal in the plant shipping world.

Who likes short trips? We like short trips!

Ideally your plants will arrive to you within a couple of days so the recoup time will be fast. Sometimes they can get delayed or misplaced along the way but if they do don't fear. Most of the time they end up coming right back even if they don't look like they will. Just as an example, I recently had an order of plants take an extra few days in the mail and since it had imports in it some of the plants were a little sadder than the others, but in a few days to a week they will perk back up and be ready for summer with only 1 possible casualty

Mona the Dampire

Sometimes you will get a plant and it will still be in its nursery pot in its original potting medium. There can be cases where you will get your plant in and unpack it and it will be super soggy, this is usually due to them wanting to make sure that if it gets stuck in shipping it still has some resource for water but at times they can over do it. Usually if its not too wet putting it up in a warm sunny window will dry it out pretty fast. If it is soppy and dripping wet it would be a good idea to give it a quick repot with some dryer dirt just to be safe. 

Mist mist mist mist mist mist mist, Everybody!

A lot of the time when you get plant mail they will be bare root wrapped in moss and paper and you will need to pot them up. This is for a couple of reasons but the main being it saves you a lot of money on shipping costs. When I get my plant mail in I like to automatically put them into my high humidity case, this is just an old school glass sales case that i found for free on marketplace and a friend made shelves to put in it and it has been my high humidity area ever since because my plant mail seems to recover the best inside of it since it has the highest humidity in my house.

I have attached some photos of my plant order that came in a couple days late with my droopy alocasia plants (above) and than a couple of updated photos of the same plants about a week later (below) after being stuck in my humidity case for a week-10 days. They have new leaves about to open and they came back within a couple of days of being droopy. I lost 2 leaves on each plant from shipping stress but they both have 1 about to open and popped back up after some water and misting.
As you can see my Alocasia Hilo and my Alocasia cuprea perked back up nicely. Once you get your plants some water and humidity they will love you and start to come back pretty much right away. The key for me is always humidity, almost always!! Plants that get humidity treatment after shipping are usually the happiest to bounce back the quickest. If i was stuck in a box with 24 hours of darkness for however long it took me to get to you i would want you to spray me in the face too! Don't be scared if they don't look 100% when you receive them. They will reward you with new foliage in no time, they just need a few days to feel better, so don't give up hope!



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