You are my Leaf Shine, my only Leaf Shine

You are my Leaf Shine, my only Leaf Shine

You make plants shiny, when they are grey!

You really start to notice how dusty your house can get once you get a bunch of plants. For some reason, they just looooove to collect all the little dust bunnies and whatever hairs you have floating around in your house. I notice mine can get really dusty after I sweep, especially if I have any of my fans on. I wanted to try something natural so I thought the neem oil leaf shine was a good one to give a shot.

I recently went away for 10 days to deal with some family stuff and surprise them and when i got home i took one look at my monstera and went YOU DUSTY! So, I figured that she would be a good example to use the neem oil leaf shine on. I couldn't tell if she was dull from being dusty or if it was because i needed to fertilize or water. It was definitely just needing to be shined because as you can see below how much happier and shinier the plant looks just from a bit of love.

You'll never know neem, how much plants love you 

It's super easy to use too! You just spray on your leaves, and than wipe them off with a soft cloth or a blue paper towel. A bonus of our neem oil leaf shine is that it not only helps to shine your leaves but it also repels pests so you won't have to worry. I've heard of many recipes and old wives tales about putting mayo or old milk on your plants and i think i would rather just stick to this since it doesn't freak me out.

  Dust, don't take that leaf shine away 

Why not pop by the store and get one for yourself, you wont regret it -- (1) Organic Neem Oil Leaf Shine & Pest Repellent 8 oz - Plant Gather


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