Repotting My Syngonium Albo from Water Propagation

Repotting My Syngonium Albo from Water Propagation

I'm sexy and I grow it  

Syngonium Albos are beautiful! I have over 170 plants and this girl right here is in my top 10. The variegation in these plants is unreal, and she just blessed me with my first half moon leaf recently! She is starting to pop with a new baby leaf, and I can’t wait to see what she has to throw out at me next. These plants aren't afraid to show you what they've got to offer, and they will never stop amazing you. Every new leaf is a new adventure! I promise you, you won't be disappointed adding this sweet baby to your collection. You will want to stare at it all day long!! I can only imagine the oooohs and awwwws you will be getting once it gets full grown and starts vining around your house! Did you know that syngoniums are also known as feng shui plants? They say that the shape of the leaf represents the 5 Feng Shui elements --- water, fire, earth, wood & metal; making it perfectly in balance with the Yin & Yang energy, encouraging positive energy inside of your house.

Let's get this pot it started!

The first step to repotting your syngonium properly to make sure that it is happy in its new home is finding the proper soil for your albo and a cute little pot to place it in. I find that indoor or tropical plant soil is usually best for anything that I won’t be planting outside or in the greenhouse. My favourite brand of soil to use for my house plants is Pro Mix. I specifically choose the type of pro mix that has ‘mycoactive’ slow-release fertilizer in it, this particular one that I'm using right now fertilizes for 9 months. I like to use this type of soil not only for my indoor plants but specifically for repotting because you don’t have to worry about fertilizer burn at the same time as repot stress. I try to leave my plants alone after repotting them as much as I can. Your plant will be a bit stressed from the potting medium change so I like to change as little else as possible to help it along on its journey. I added soil links at the bottom of the page for you guys. 

I'm rooting for you guys

The next step to repotting your syngonium is to check the root system to make sure that it is healthy enough, that it doesn’t have root rot, and/or that it has enough roots on it to be transplanted. If you are repotting a clipping from being propagated in water, make sure that it has quite a good root system before you decide to repot it. This particular syngonium albo I have been rooting in water for 3+ months waiting for the root system to be long enough to switch it into some dirt. Don’t be alarmed if some of your water roots end up dying after you repot your plant. When you repot from water props into dirt, your plant has to grow new dirt roots instead so it will kill off some of the water roots and restart a new rooting system. This is why it is always a good idea to make sure that you have more roots than not when you do a repot so that if your plant goes into any kind of shock, it will be able to come back from it. Here are some photos of the root system on the albo that I'm repotting into dirt. I like them to be at least a few inches long before I put them into a different potting medium so that the plant will have the best chance possible.

Pot it like it's hot

You want to make sure that the pot you choose has good drainage because you don’t want the water to pool and sit in the bottom of the pot. This can cause root rot. The less stress introduced to your plant after your repot, the better. If you get a pot that has no drainage you can always drill your own holes, or keep your pot inside of nursery pots and place it inside the decorative pot. The cute little pot that I chose to use for repotting my albo into, I got off of Amazon in a set of 5. They all have awesome little designs on them and none of the pots are the same. --Pot links at the bottom of the page-- Whenever I do a repot with any of my plants, I make sure to bury the plant a little deeper into the soil, if possible I will plant multiple nodes under the soil to try to get a stronger plant and deeper root system. This syngonium albo has 3 nodes that all had started rooting in the water so I buried all 3 under the soil and only left the leaves out.

She's Thirsty!

Last step in repotting your beautiful syngomium albo is to water until it’s coming out from the bottom drainage hole of the pot, with doing repots with water props you need to make sure to keep the soil moist for a couple of weeks because they are used to sitting in water so they will need a little bit of extra moisture in the beginning. The key is to keep it moist but not drenched so that you don’t give your newly potted plant root rot. If possible place your plant in your sunniest south facing window, and or under a grow light. 

Now that you can be confident in the repotting of your syngonium albo, why not visit our store and reward yourself with one? Syngonium Albo - Plant Gather

Thanks for reading! You can find out about sales, more content and awesome plant photos on my instagram!  Candice Cameron (@acandyabroad) • Instagram photos and videos 

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