OMG Candy, look at that plant!

OMG Candy, look at that plant!

Hi, I'm Candy & I'm a crazy plant lady!

I'm new here at Plant Gather so I thought I would take a minute to introduce myself to you guys! My name is Candice, but everyone calls me Candy because I am saweeeeeeet. I am a BC girl with over 170 plants, I live in a tiny little town in the rocky mountains named Golden, a couple hours drive outside of Banff, and Calgary. Golden is very small; we have a few little out-skirt communities that are connected to us and everybody knows everybody, pretty much. I am a beekeeper and hope to one day have my own honey and bee themed business #savethebees

How'd you get so obsessed?

My grandparents immigrated to Abbotsford from Belgium and that's where my love of growing things came from. I can remember running around in their backyard by the canoe full of flowers and watching my grandpa putter around inside of his greenhouse and out in his garden. The fire burning inside of me got larger once I started traveling and seeing plants like monsteras in the natural world. Having traveled to 9 countries I've seen some awesome plants out in the wild. I've taken photos of monstera leaves that are bigger than my torso when I was backpacking Belize! I got home one day to a random snake plant on my deck from a random person as a surprise and it ended up reigniting the flame and now I have over 170 tropical plants inside of my house. Monstera, philodendron, pothos, and alocasia are my favourite types of plants and I hope to one day have a jungle inside of my house!

Thanks for getting to know me, visit my instagram for more awesome stuff!
Candice Cameron (@acandyabroad) • Instagram photos and videos


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  • Hi Trace
    Personally I haven’t had issues with spider mites on mine but to combat them I usually spray down in the shower or sink if you have a spray nozzle and than use neem oil (we sell this) and insecticide soap. There are also items called “end all” which ive heard work well.
    I hope this helps 🙂

    Candy on
  • Hey Candy – do you have trouble with spider mites on your alocasia? If so, what do you recommend to combat this little pests!

    Trace on

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