Rubber Plant Curling

Rubber Plant Curling
Have you noticed your rubber plant's leaves starting close up? With the colder weather comes drier air.

Autumn is the season you are likely to see curling leaves on your rubber plant, however you may see this at any time of year. Below are some of the most common reasons and how to fix it:

Low humidity – Indoor rubber tree plant leaves curling may be a result of dry indoor air. A humidity tray can raise the moisture level around the plant. To make a humidity tray, place a layer of gravel or pebbles in a shallow tray or dish, then set the pot on the pebbles. Add water to the tray to keep the pebbles consistently wet, but don’t allow the bottom of the pot to touch the water, as moisture can leach up the drainage hole and rot the plant.

Improper watering – Both over- and under-watering can cause leaf curl on rubber plants. Allow the soil to dry slightly between watering, then water deeply, using room temperature water, until water leaks through the drainage hole. If the soil feels moist, wait another day or two before watering. Even less water is needed during fall and winter, but don’t allow the soil to become bone dry.

Chemical exposure – Rubber plants are sensitive to contaminants in potting soil and this could be causing the leaf curl on your rubber plant. Repotting in fresh soil may be necessary.

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